Payment for Credencial

Thank you for your purchasing our Credencial

As we confirmed all necessary information, please make payment as mentioned below.

Please pay by Paypal account or any kind of credit card on the Paypal Web-site.The price of Credencial is ¥1,400- (Postage included)

No. of goods:Cred03

Postage:¥400-(Air mail)

(Postage included)

■ After confirmation of your payment we will send the credencial shortly.
After confirmation of payment, please allow us one week to dispatch it. So please apply for this with enough time.

■ The payment by Paypal
It is required to install the Paypal account. If you don’t have the account of Paypal please install the account.

■ Should you have any question, please ask us.
Asociacion de Amigos del Camino de Santiago en Japon
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